Wood Plastic Composite Wpc Decking


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wood plastic composite wpc decking

What is wood-plastic composite (WPC)?

Wood-plastic composite is a green product that can reduce the usage of natural wood and non-renewable energy. It's a new kind of environmental protection material that has been widely used in outdoor decking, garden furniture, wall panelling, etc. Tips when buying WPC Here are some buying tips on how to choose a good quality WPC deck

What is the application of WPC decking?

So WPC decking is an ideal outdoor flooring solution. Wood plastic composite decking applications: gardens, patios, terraces, balconies, walkways, pool areas, flat roof areas, marinas, shopping malls, coffee shops, parks, etc. service field in China.

What is Everwood WPC decking?

Everwood WPC stands at 1450 Kg/Cmt, which means a stronger, tougher and far more durable decking material by itself that will far outlast natural wood decking under any circumstances and weather conditions. Technical benefits of the system: Everwood WPC outdoor decking system is designed for ease of installation and long term life.

What is composite decking?

Composite wood decking is an excellent alternative to wood if you want the natural look of wood but want something more durable. The above article is intended to be helpful, but please visit our website if you need more information or help. Does decking attract rats?

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